Shadows Cast
By Dreams

In three days, eighteen-year-old Rain Singer will have a benign tumor removed from her brain and get on with her life. But when she locks eyes with the passenger in a red pick-up truck just moments before it plows into her family’s Camry, everything changes. Her parents are pronounced dead at the scene, and Rain is rushed to the hospital where she learns the tumor can’t be removed until her head injury heals. Her first night in the hospital, Rain has an intensely vivid dream of a city built solely on her own memories, a place where her fears come to life and her childhood is on full display.

But the entire city isn’t hers. It is split in half, and the other side belongs to Zaiah, the passenger Rain locked eyes with just before the crash. His side is darker, colder, and surrounded by alleyways and demons designed to keep Rain out. With each night that passes, she builds a deeper relationship with Zaiah, but his past haunts him, and the experiences he’d give anything to forget are a living, breathing thing that won’t stay quiet.

The closer Rain gets to discovering Zaiah’s secrets, the more terrifying her dreams become, and she struggles to find balance as she falls for the very thing that makes her doubt her own sanity. Rain suspects the tumor is the gateway to her dreams, and with the surgery fast-approaching, it’s a race against time as she fights to stay with Zaiah at the expense of her health, her healing, and her life.