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August 8, 2017

Helloooooooo, Pitch Wars! This is my first year entering, and I am SO EXCITED. Before we begin, can I just say how amazing this community is? ALL THE HEART EYES. 

Okay, first things first. Why Pitch Wars?

Honestly, it started with the community. I wanted to meet other writers and make friends with people who get it. I was feeling a lack of writer friends in my life and really wanted to change that, so I decided to become active on Twitter and try to put myself out there. (Side note: why is it so hard making new friends as an adult?! My first day on Twitter felt like my first day of kindergarten.) I would love to come away from this contest with new writer friends, and hopefully a CP or two!

This is literally my first gif ever. EVER. And I'm using it for Pitch Wars. That's how much I love you.

Aside from the community, I'm entering Pitch Wars because I want to make my novel the absolute best it can be. I have loved this premise since I first explored it, and I want to do it justice. I think it's almost there, but something's missing that I'm not seeing... help me find it?

Which brings me to... The Book!

#novelaesthetics yay!!

Inception meets Lauren Oliver in SHADOWS CAST BY DREAMS, a YA magical realism novel complete at 60,000 words.

In three days, eighteen-year-old Rain Singer will have a benign tumor removed from her brain and get on with her life. But when she locks eyes with the passenger in a red pick-up truck just moments before it plows into her family’s Camry, everything changes. Her parents are pronounced dead at the scene, and Rain is rushed to the hospital where she has an intensely vivid dream of a city built solely on her own memories, a place where her fears come to life and her childhood is on full display.

But the entire city isn’t hers. It is split in half, and the other side belongs to Zaiah, the passenger Rain locked eyes with just before the crash. His side is darker, colder, and surrounded by alleyways and demons designed to keep Rain out. With each night that passes, she builds a deeper relationship with Zaiah, but his past haunts him, and the experiences he’d give anything to forget are a living, breathing thing that won’t stay quiet.

The closer Rain gets to discovering Zaiah’s secrets, the more terrifying her dreams become, and she struggles to find balance as the lines blur between her dreams and reality. Rain suspects the tumor is the gateway to her dreams, and with the previously delayed surgery now fast-approaching, it's a race against time as she fights to stay with Zaiah at the expense of her sanity, her healing, and her life. 

This is why I'll be a great mentee: 

First and foremost, because I believe in this book. I love it. And I have done everything I can to make it shine. It's been read by beta readers, revised countless times, and it's polished and ready for another set of eyes that can take it to the next level! Don't let my love for it fool you, though – big revisions don't scare me, and I'm prepared to put in the work!

I work hard. I wrote my first book (which lives in a closet now) during the nights and weekends while I worked in healthcare and was on-call all the time. I'm now fortunate enough to write full-time, so you will have my undivided attention throughout this process. Put me to work!

Lastly, I'm thankful for the opportunity. I want to take full advantage of it. And I value all the time and effort that goes into this process – I won't take it for granted! 

And finally, if you want to know a little more about me, here are a few main points:

This is me! Wearing my new glasses! And red lipstick!

- I'm 31 years old, have red hair, and live in Seattle

- I am madly in love with my husband 

- I have a twin sister, and we're opposites but best friends

- My loves are reading, hiking, and fashion (if you want, you can confirm this over on Instagram!)

- I have a schnoodle named Doppler

- I hold a bachelor of science in diagnostic ultrasound (looking inside the body is SUPER cool)

- Play me a Michael Jackson song and I'll love you forever 

- I am a staunch supporter of the Oxford Comma

- I'm a hug waiting to happen. Seriously. If we meet IRL you should be prepared for a hug or three.

Well, that's it! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my corner of the internet (and thank you to Lana Pattinson for hosting the mentee blog hop)! If you want to stop by and say hello, you can find me on Twitter @TimesNewRachel!

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